11 GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Fixes! (2023)

A GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser will most likely tick all the boxes regarding hands-free auto-filling, smartphone integration (through SmartHQ), external dispensing, and door integration. That, however, does not make it faultless, as this guide on a GE Profile refrigerator troubleshooting water dispenser shall prove.

Sometimes, the water dispenser won’t work at all, dispense slowly, turn on by itself, make noise, or won’t stop running. Occasionally, the dispenser won’t work after filter replacement or fails to work when the ice maker is fine, keeps freezing, leaks, or won’t dispense cold water.

Generally, you can troubleshoot all those issues on your GE Profile French door or side-by-side refrigerator ice maker, and I’ll show you just how.

Not only will I walk you through the 11 problems, but I’ll also explain their various probable causes, and I’ll recommend several relevant fixes for each.

Let’s get started!

11 GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Fixes! (1)

In a rush? Check below a quick troubleshooting guide for your GE water dispenser

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Quick GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Guide

ProblemProbable CauseFix
1.Water Dispenser Is Not WorkingThe water line might be off, the water reservoir might not be filled, or a clogged filter. It might also be a damaged/frozen water tank, wrong temperature, frozen water supply line, low water pressure, or due to a defective water inlet valve, door or dispenser switch, or dispenser control boardTurn the water line on and allow the reservoir time to fill up, replace the clogged filter, unfreeze the frozen water tank or replace it if damaged. Set the temperature right, unfreeze the supply line, raise the water pressure to 20psi+ and replace the faulty water inlet valve, door or dispenser switch, or dispenser control board, depending on what’s faulty
2.Dispenser Is SlowClogged water filterReplace the water filter if it’s clogged
3.Dispenser Turns By ItselfFaulty motor or broken water dispenser leverReplace the motor or water lever dispenser if faulty
4.Water Dispenser Is NoisyTrapped air or faulty filter or water inlet valvePurge out trapped air or replace the faulty filter or water inlet valve, depending on the cause
5.Dispenser Won’t Stop RunningFaulty water inlet valve, broken water level switch, a defective solenoid, or electrical faultReplace the faulty inlet valve, water level switch, or solenoid, fix the electrical fault, and reset the unit
6.Won’t Work After Filter ReplacementTrapped air, frozen water line, low water pressure, or insufficient waterRelease the trapped air, dethaw the frozen line and increase the water pressure and supply
7.Dispenser Is Not Working, But Ice Maker Is OKLow water pressure, reservoir tank not filled, frozen water tube, clogged filter, a faulty switch or water valveImprove the water pressure, allow the water tank to fill up, unfreeze the water tube and replace the clogged filter or faulty switch or water valve
8.Dispenser Keeps FreezingHigh internal temperatureAdjust the internal temperature to 0-50F
9.Water Dispenser LeaksFaulty water filter or damaged water inlet valve or water tubeReplace the defective/damaged component
10.Won’t Dispense Cold WaterLow-temperature settingAdjust the internal temperature to 0-50F
11.Water And Ice Dispenser Not WorkingFaulty door or dispenser switch, dispenser control board or main control boardReplace the faulty component

11 GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Problems for Troubleshooting

Discussed are 11 common water dispenser problems prevalent on GE Profile French door and side-by-side refrigerators you can troubleshoot:

1.GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

Is your GE water dispenser not dispensing any water? Well, it could be because of one of these reasons:

  • The water line might be off – Check the water line to ensure it’s on. If it’s not, turn it on. The water dispenser won’t dispense any water if the supply line is off.
  • The water reservoir might not be filled – It takes about 2 – 3 minutes for the water reservoir to fill up after dispensing. So, exercise a little patience.
  • Clogged filter – A dirt-congested water filter prevents water from reaching your GE dispenser. For that reason, it’s advisable to replace it if it’s six months old.
  • Damaged/frozen water tank – If the tank is damaged or frozen, water won’t dispense until you replace it.
  • The wrong temperature – If the temperature is below 00F, the water will freeze and fail to dispense. So, you need to set it at 0 – 100F.
  • Frozen water supply line – If the water line freezes due to freezing conditions, water will not dispense. So, check the water supply and defrost it. Then set the temperature at 0 – 100F.
  • Low water pressure – You need at least 20 psi for the water to go past the inlet valve and fill up the reservoir. You can measure the water pressure with a water pressure gauge and adjust it from the main if it’s lower than 20 psi.
  • Defective water valve – Test the inlet valve with a multimeter and replace it if it doesn’t show continuity. It should not be faulty to allow water to pass through.
  • Faulty door/dispenser switch – If either the door or dispenser switch is defective; the water dispenser won’t work. So, test them with a multimeter, then replace the faulty switch.
  • Dispenser control board – A faulty dispenser control board needs replacing as it shuts down the entire dispenser. Use a multimeter to test the board’s continuity.
11 GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Fixes! (2)

2.Slow Water Dispenser

Sometimes, the GE Profile water dispenser may work very slowly. Often, the reason is a clogged water filter.


Replace the water filter if it looks clogged or older than six months.

3.Water Dispenser Turns On by Itself

The water dispenser may turn on by itself if the motor is faulty or due to a broken water dispenser level. So, you’ll need to inspect the two components.

(Video) GE Profile Water Cooler Keeps Freezing. Where to find the thermostat to adjust it.


Is the GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser lever broken? Then replace it. If it’s not, consider replacing the motor.

4.Water Dispenser Is Noisy

Your water dispenser can be noisy due to trapped air in the water line or a faulty water filter or inlet valve.


In the first case, dispense a few glasses to purge out the air, and in the second and third cases, replace the water filter or water inlet depending on what’s faulty.

5.GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Won’t Stop Running

There are different reasons why your water dispenser will run without stopping. They include the following:

  • Faulty water inlet valve – Test the water inlet valve for continuity and replace it if it’s defective. It could be the reason your water dispenser won’t stop.
  • Broken water level switch – If the water inlet valve is okay, look at the water level switch and replace it if it’s faulty.
  • Faulty solenoid – The solenoid could be defective if the problem is not the inlet valve or water level switch. You should leave this diagnosis, however, to an expert.
  • Electrical fault – Consider calling the technician to check for a possible electrical fault once you rule out all the above possibilities.
11 GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Fixes! (3)
(Video) Quick and Easy Fix For GE Refrigerator Water Line That Quit Working

Additional fix – Try resetting your GE refrigerator by unplugging it for 5 – 10 minutes.

6.GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

While you expect the water dispenser to work after replacing a clogged or defective filter, sometimes it won’t. Here are the reasons that might be the cause:

  • Trapped air – Sometimes, the air gets trapped during filter replacement and blocks water flow. You may need to press the cradle a few times to purge the air.
  • Frozen water line – If the waterline is still icy after filter replacement, water won’t dispense. So, remove the supply line and blow air. If the air can’t pass through, it’s frozen. Therefore, leave it at room temperature to dethaw.
  • Low water pressure – You need a pressure of at least 20 psi to supply the water dispenser. Hence, adjust it.
  • Insufficient water – Low water pressure is not the only reason forinadequate water. The water supply line could be partially frosty, or the water could be leaking. Consequently, check everything and adjust the pressure from the main.

7.GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working But Ice Maker Is

If your GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser won’t work while the ice maker is OK, check out any of these causes:

  • Low water pressure – The water pressure may not be adequate to supply the water dispenser with water. So, check it with a pressure gauge and adjust it to at least 20 psi.
  • Reservoir tank not filled up –You may have to wait 2-3 minutes for the reservoir tank to fill up.
  • Frozen water tube – Dethaw the water tube if frosty and then adjust the temperature to 0 – 50F.
  • Clogged filter – Replace the filter if it’s older than six months to improve water supply.
  • Faulty switch – Test the door and dispenser switches with a multimeter and replace the defective switch.
  • Defective water valve – Test the water inlet valve with a multimeter and get its replacement if faulty.
11 GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Fixes! (4)

8.Water Dispenser Keeps Freezing

The water dispenser may start freezing if the refrigerator’s internal temperature is very high (above 100F).


Adjust the internal temperature to about 0-50F or up to 100F but not more than that.

(Video) GE Refrigerator Won't Cool - Easy Ideas on how to Fix a Refrigerator Not Cooling

9.Water Dispenser Is Leaking/Dripping

If your water dispenser is leaking or dripping, watch out for any of these reasons:

  • Faulty water filter – The filter leaks if clogged, wrongly fitted, or damaged. And if that’s the case, replace it.
  • Damaged water inlet valve – If faulty, the water inlet valve will also leak. So, replace the valve if it lacks continuity.
  • Damaged water tube – Look at the water supply and replace it if it’s damaged. It could be the source of the leakage.

10.Water Dispenser Won’t Dispense Cold Water

Your water dispenser won’t dispense cold water if the temperature is too low. You need a temperature that falls within the 0-100F bracket.

If that’s not the case, turn the temperature knob or use SmartHQ to adjust it to the desired level.

11 GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Fixes! (5)

11.GE Profile Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispenser Not Working

If both the water and ice dispensers are not working, one of these components could be faulty:

  • Door or dispenser switch – If either the door or dispenser switch is defective, the water and ice dispenser won’t work. Test them with a multimeter and change the faulty one.
  • Dispenser control board – A faulty dispenser control board paralyzes the entire dispenser function, including water dispensing.
  • Main control board – If the switches and the dispenser control board are okay, the problem could be the main control. So, have an expert examine the fridge at this point.

Closing Remarks on GE Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser!

Generally, it takes a keen eye to diagnose a failing GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser. Hopefully, the shared tips can help you diagnose and expertly fix yours when it fails. You just need to identify its problem and then look at the possible fixes in the guide above.

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Why is my GE Profile refrigerator not dispensing water? ›

A clogged water filter can result in less or no water from your GE fridge water dispenser, so companies recommend replacing the filter every six months. To check if the filter is clogged, you will have to replace the filter with the filter bypass plug and check whether the water flow improves.

How do you reset a GE Profile refrigerator water dispenser? ›

series) - press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes. GE/Hotpoint/Sears(363. series) - press and hold the reset water filter button for 3-5 seconds. Maytag/Jenn-Air - press and hold the lock and light buttons OR lock and water buttons until the indicator light blinks.

What can cause low water dispensing in the refrigerators water dispenser? ›

Slow water dispensing is usually the result of low water pressure from the main water supply, or a disruption of the water supply flow.

What would cause the water dispenser to stop working? ›

Water can stop flowing from the fridge dispenser when supply lines become frozen, clogged, or kinked. Some water lines run through the freezer, so if the temperature is set too low, the water line will become frozen.

Why is my fridge water not working but ice is? ›

If the refrigerator water dispenser is not working but the ice maker is, your water pressure could be to blame. Your fridge needs less pressure to make ice than it does to dispense water. Check your refrigerator's manual to see the necessary water psi for both to function.

How do you reset water dispenser? ›

Option 3 – Try “resetting” your cooler by removing several cups of water from both the hot and cold taps and switch off the machine. Unplug it from the wall and leave for 24 hours before switching it on again. Give the water temperature about 5 to 6 hours to adjust before dispensing to see if it worked.


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