Kitty Kosek Crowley County Cold Justice Update - What Happened To Her & Where Is Daniel Kosek Today? Quick Answer - (2023)

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After the Kitty Kosek Crowley County case aired on the investigative true-crime series Cold Justice, people are curious to know more about the affair and its ending.

Cold Justice, an Oxygen TV show, never ceases to amaze us by presenting cases no one thought could ever be solved.

The show revolves around investigators re-opening unsolved murders with the advice and support of local police departments.

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Cold Justice: Kitty Kosek Crowley County Case Update

The Case of Kitty Kosek Crowley was one of the episodes of Cold Justice that garnered a lot of attention.

Kitty was a young homemaker and mother of six who was found dead in September 1993 in a small Colorado town.

Kitty was found lifeless in her apartment with a gun at her feet and a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

This Crowley County case drew a lot of public attention in the 1990s, but people’s attention spans began to dwindle after a while.

That’s because people dug into the case, with some believing it was a homice and others believing it was a suice.

Where Is Daniel Kosek From Colorado Today?

It is not known where Daniel Kosek, who was living in Colorado at the time of the murder, is now.


The case of Kitty Kosek was one of the saddest cases shown on the show as just hearing about it brought tears to the audience.

Even the show’s host, Kelly Siegler, was devastated after hearing about Kitty and what she went through before her murder.

The Kosek family lacked the necessary means to run their household. That’s because they struggled to make ends meet while supporting their family.

It is also revealed that Kitty and Daniel struggled to keep their marriage together as a result of what they went through, having failed in many areas.

Daniel has stayed out of the spotlight since Kitty’s death. If he’s still alive, he should be in his 60’s or 70’s by now.

We hope that more details will come to light in this case, as there may be many revelations that will bring justice to Kitty Kosek and her family.

Was Kitty Kosek Case A Murder Or A Suice?

The Kitty Kosek case has been declared a suspected suice victim, so it is still not clear whether Kitty was murdered or committed suice.

Many people believe that Kitty died as a result of the stress she was subjected to due to her family’s problems.

Others believe it was a clear murder and call for a more thorough investigation into the case.

4 Year Cold Case Solved By AWP (Stephanie Torres)[emailprotected] with Purpose @Chaos Divers

Watch The Video Below

4 Year Cold Case Solved By AWP (Stephanie Torres)[emailprotected] with Purpose @Chaos Divers

4 Year Cold Case Solved By AWP (Stephanie Torres)[emailprotected] with Purpose @Chaos Divers

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Kitty Kosek Crowley County Cold Justice Update - What Happened To Her & Where Is Daniel Kosek Today? Quick Answer - (1)

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Man reported missing in 2017 identified as body found in tree

Mitchell D. Hamilton, 57, was positively entified Tuesday through medical records. The cause of death was reported as suice by asphyxiation.

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Man reported missing in 2017 identified as body found in tree

By Jeannie McMacken

Peninsula Daily News

PORT TOWNSEND — A man whose body was found hanging in a tree at Fort Worden State Park Jan. 13 has been identified as a man who was reported missing in Port Townsend over a year ago.

Mitchell D. Hamilton, 57, was positively identified through medical records Tuesday. The cause of death was given as suffocation.

Jefferson County Sheriff Shane Stevenson said Hamilton’s family live in eastern Washington and Idaho.

“They asked to be respected during this time,” he said. “They are struggling with the news but are glad to have an answer as to what happened to Mitchell.”

Hikers at Fort Worden near Battery Brannan in the Artillery Hill area saw something unusual high up in a tree and called authorities. Upon arriving at the scene, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy and Port Townsend Police Department found a climber’s hammock tied to a tree about 40 feet above the battery.

Stevenson said Sgt. Mark Apeland climbed the tree and cut off a branch to remove the hammock and what was left.

He said the hammock was attached to the tree with “knots expertly tied, carefully made,” leading investigators to believe the person responsible knew something about rope work.

Stevenson said it appeared the man did not want to be found.

“The color of the hammock and ropes blended with the environment,” Stevenson said. “Even the color of his clothes was grey. He didn’t want to be observed.”

Stevenson said there was no sign of foul play and the body had been in the tree for an extended period.

Detective Jon Stuart attended the autopsy at the Kosek Funeral Home on January 16.

Stevenson said additional photos Stuart took during the autopsy helped provide a clue to the identification.

“Hardware was installed in the body that suggested the victim had broken his jaw,” Stevenson said.

Hamilton was reported missing on October 20, 2017. Formerly from Kingston, where he lived on a boat for 19 years, he occasionally came to Port Townsend to work in the construction trades.

He moved exclusively to Port Townsend two years ago and was reportedly living in a storage unit in the Glen Cove area.

Hamilton was a loner, often leaving the area for extended periods of time to hike, and regularly ate breakfast at the Spruce Goose Café. When he did not show up for several days and did not respond to calls, he was reported missing.

“We don’t have a lot of missing persons in Port Townsend, so Mitchell was an obvious possibility in this case,” Stevenson said.

“He was a loner and apparently didn’t want to be found. We didn’t find any ID, wallet or cell phone. The hard drive in the computer has been removed. His local friends said he has been known to leave the area to hike but has always returned.”

His friends also told Stevenson that if Hamilton “wanted to disappear, no one could ever find him.”

Stevenson said there was a receipt for climbing ropes in Hamilton’s storage unit. He noted that all the ropes found were tied with meticulous knots similar to those found at the crime scene.

He asked friends if Hamilton had ever broken his jaw, and they said he did about five years ago.

“I have contacted Bremerton to see if I can get x-rays that match the hardware we recovered. We visited Katherine Taylor, forensic pathologist at the King County Medical Examiner’s office at Harborview Medical Center on Tuesday. She took additional X-rays of the victim’s jaw.

“The tissue along the gumline leaves a distinctive signature on an X-ray, and this, combined with all the other evidence we had, led us to the unequivocal conclusion that it was Mitchell.”

Stevenson said given the extent of the body’s decomposition, the timing seemed right that he had passed away when he was reported missing.

Stevenson led the investigation into Hamilton’s disappearance from the start.

“Technically, this was a cold case, but I kept it open,” Stevenson said. “I kept Mitchell’s picture on my desktop and every day when I opened my computer his photo was there.

“It was a tragic result. But for the family they have closure. You now have all the answers.”

Kittie Koseck

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    Daniel Kosek
    Personal information
    Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
    Position(s)Left back
    Team information
    Current teamZbrojovka Brno (on loan from Slavia Praha)
    19 more rows

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    As of July 2021, the team has helped to generate 49 arrests and 21 convictions, in addition to four confessions, three guilty pleas and three murder convictions. Although TNT made no official announcement, McClary wrote on her personal Facebook page in mid-2016 that the series was canceled.

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    Lilly and her team investigate their oldest case yet, the murder of a woman who was killed in 1919. They soon learn that she may have been murdered because of her activism for woman rights.

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    It certainly wasn't meant to be offensive." Siegler is running as a Republican and even though the Harris County Republican Party isn't endorsing anyone, the chair of the party is a Lakewood Church member.

    Where is Kelly Siegler from? ›

    Image of Where is Kelly Siegler from?
    Blessing is a census-designated place in Matagorda County, Texas, United States. Blessing had its start when the railroad finally was extended to that point, and first settlers accepted the name "Blessing" after their first choice of "Thank God" was deemed unsuitable by postal officials.

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    Tonya has 26 years of experience as a detective and has investigated homicides and sexual assaults, obtaining hundreds of convictions. As a homicide investigator, she accompanies Kelly in the investigations (Tonya joined the show in season four. Yolanda McClary had left the show by then).

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    But “Cold Justice” is not fiction. Siegler and McClary are real-life professionals brought together by producer Dick Wolf (“Law & Order”).

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    Josie Sutton
    Last AppearanceCommitted
    5 more rows

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    Reality series following former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary as they crack cold cases across the U.S. 200,000 unsolved murders a year.

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    In 1961, police found wealthy produce merchant Joseph DiMare gunned down in his white Cadillac. The killing stumped detectives for more than six decades. Now, Miami-Dade police's cold case homicide squad has revealed who it thinks was behind the gun: Joseph's wife, Frances DiMare, then 33.

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    Stillman, having reflected on his place in the police force during his suspension, later decided to retire, though later was inspired to return to duty when Lilly convinced him to help in a case ("Family 8108").
    John Stillman
    Last AppearanceShattered
    5 more rows

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    2023-05-12. VisionTV is your home for the best British crime dramas led by brilliant detectives, and we have another investigative obsession ready for you! Outlander's Lauren Lyle stars in the ITV cold case murder drama Karen Pirie, based on acclaimed author Val McDermid's The Distant.


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